IoT Internet of Things Bundle

What you’ll learn Learn about the ESP32 and what makes it an excellent choice for Arduino Makers. Learn about the ESP32 and why you must start using it Learn how to replace Arduino with ESP32 without coding effort Program ESP32 Effectively Become confident in using the ESP32 in your projects. Learn about the features ESP32 development kit Create A Simple ESP32 Web Server In Arduino IDE ESP32 Operating Modes Station (STA) Mode Soft Access Point (AP) Mode Wiring – Connecting Devices to ESP32 Concept Behind Controlling Things From ESP32 Web Server ESP32 as HTTP Server using WiFi Access Point (AP) mode Accessing the Web Server in AP mode ESP32 as HTTP Server using WiFi Station (STA) mode Accessing the Web Server in STA mode Learn about the variants of the ESP32 module. Learn about the differences and similarities between the ESP32 and the Arduino Learn how to use the ESP32 advanced capabilities Learn how to use the ESP32 to connect any project to the Internet and display or exchange data Use the ESP32 to enable your project to communicate with Bluetooth devices Read Sensor data using ESP32 Board Send Email alert when sensor reading goes above a certain value Create A Simple ESP32 HTTP Request In Arduino IDE Get a FREE Hosting server and domain name Create PHP script to insert data into MySQL Display data on a web page MySQL database to store readings Get Sensors Reading Program ESP32 Effectively Create a fully functional Project in no Time
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