Agile production management system data integrity and reliability

In this use case it is planned to identify external and internal threats to information systems affecting the production system, mitigate them, and reduce as much as possible the harmful effects. Read more »

Easy reconfiguration for automated part handling

In this use case, three different building blocks are defined that together could provide flexibility from a part handling perspective. The first building block revolves around the development of a system for automated part recognition and detection. In this building block,  the idea is to use a vision setup that can recognize the product in… Read more »

Employ training for the reduction of human errors

This use case is intended to identify and quantify human errors associated with the assembly process. With the help of the right tools, it is expected to achieve better-operating methods and better management of human resources on the assembly line. Read more »

Human intention recognition

This use case plans to detect the human activities and predict their next actions, which then will be combined with robot navigation to create a safer environment. For this matter, DFKI created typical worker scenarios, happening during normal daily work. The behavior of more than 10 participants was recorded, who were supposed to follow the… Read more »

Human supervised learning for visual quality inspection

In this use case, we aim to investigate and implement solutions that can help setup quality inspection systems in an easy and flexible manner. Normally visual quality inspection systems are trained based on extensive datasets and can be easily optimized due to mass-production and data collection. However, to setup an automated visual quality inspection for… Read more »

Production planning optimization

This use case has as its main objective the reduction to a minimum of unfinished product stocks. Practically, there will always be a certain stock of the unfinished product, i.e., injected components and purchase elements that will be assembled according to the customer's monthly or weekly orders. The logistical management and storage of this unfinished… Read more »

Production processes simulations for accelerated decisions and safe processes

This use case assumes the development of an IT solution that will help production management in making high-level decisions. This solution will be based on real-time simulation of the production process and will benefit from instant production data as well as their history (a specific database will be created). Access to existing data on the… Read more »

Robot reconfiguration based on the dynamic layout

This use case consists in the dynamic update to the navigation route of the mobile robot, by considering human and/or other (non-moving) objects in the environment. This use case will also enable easier reconfiguration of the robot in case the layout of the environment (including the production stations) changes. The layout is actively monitored by… Read more »

Safe collaboration between human and robot

This use case is related to the implementation of the human digital twin. This innovative technology is developed to measure and analyse  the human aspect within production. The goal is to measure aspects like physical stress, mental stress, job engagement, happiness, and many more. By doing this, we want to investigate how we can link these… Read more »

Safety zones definition

The "Human intention recognition" and "Robot reconfiguration based on the dynamic layout" use cases are going to be combined to have a safe environment for the workers and the hardware equipment. The newly received coordinates of the stations will be used to set the robot’s destinations. The speed of the robot and the objects in the… Read more »
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