This workshop of the AI4MANUFACTURING cluster (STAR EU Project Teaming AI Project COALA Your Factory Assistant XMANAI – EU Project ASSISTANT Project-H2020) where is presented how data interoperability and artificia intelligence interoperability improves industrial automation in industry 4.0 production lines and digital shopfloors. This workshop focuses on how Data and AI Interoperability technologies can boost…

AI-MAN WORKSHOP Explainable AI in Manufacturing

Online workshop co-organized by the AI-MAN cluster of projects on AI in Manufacturing

Ethical and Legal Issues of Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing

The workshop is co-organized with the EU ICT-38 Projects community, and will also host a speech by Celine Castets-Renard (ANITI), titled “AI EU Act, Legal Issues and implications on Coala”.This workshop was the second of a series, aimed to share learning about specific topics of the ICT 38 projects developments in AI and Manufacturing.
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