Human Intention Recognition

This use caseĀ is related to the detection of human presence and prediction of their behaviors. Having the human factor taken into account, together with robot navigation, better planning can be achieved but also a safer environment. In this regard, DFKI-EI simulated a typical working day where ten (10) workers participated. The tasks of the workers were predefined and of similar nature. The order of the workflow was not the same for all the workers in the dataset acquisition process.

Data collection for this case was done via wrist sensors. So, all the information and data collected from workers is processed and used to detect the actual activity performed by workers.

DomainManufacturingSafe AI
KeywordsHAR (Human Action Recognition)HDT (Human Digital Twin)HMI (Human Machine Interaction)Safety in Industry
TrendArtificial Intelligence
Validation TypeUse Case

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